Bear River Association of Governments
Serving Box Elder, Cache and Rich Counties

170 N. Main
Logan, UT 84321

Mission: Bear River Association of Governments (BRAG) is a voluntary organization of local governments that facilitates the coordination of federal, state and local programs for the solution of mutual problems in Box Elder, Rich, and Cache Counties. BRAG provides a wide variety of services and manages multiple programs that focus on finding long-term solutions for many issues in the region, including poverty.

Services Provided

Food Pantry Financial Assistance Rental Assistance to Prevent Homelessness Furnace Replacement or Repair
First Time Homebuyer Help Housing Rehabilitation Loans Weatherization
Community Planning and Project Funding Alzheimer's Education Tremonton Affordable Housing Units
Business Assistance Alternatives Program Caregiver Family Support Program
Bear River Heritage Area Promotion Health Insurance Information Information and Referral
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Long-Term Care Ombudsman Aging Medicaid Waiver Program
Economic Development/Job Creation Senior Companions Program Senior Centers Support
Utility Assistance Emergency Housing Assistance

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 12.1%
CSBG Allocation: $202,851
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $353,203

In 2010 BRAG:

  • Served 81,895 individuals and 39,345 families.
  • Over 381 households were assisted in claiming tax refunds that brought $739,924 back to Box Elder, Rich and Cache counties.
  • BRAG helped 26 unemployed individuals obtain a job through job search assistance, financial support, and partnership with the Utah Department of Workforce Services.
  • 142 seniors received assistance.

Client Statistics

  • Of the families served, 93% were at or below the poverty level.

Community Action
Community Action Services and Food Bank
Serving Summit, Utah & Wasatch Counties

815 S. Freedom Boulevard, Suite 100
Provo, UT 84601

Mission: The Community Action Services and Food Bank (CASFB) is dedicated to fostering self-reliance in individuals, families and communities by providing a variety of programs and solutions designed to address local needs and issues faced by those living in poverty.

Services Provided

Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Utility Assistance Program (HEAT)
Food Bank Housing Crisis Assistance
Family Development and Support Services Community Awareness/Advocacy
Commercial Kitchen for Business Startup Community Garden
Financial Assistance Home Buyer Education
Employment/Education Referrals Mortgage Counseling
Community Planning

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 10%
CSBG Allocation: $662,315
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $889,938

In 2010 Community Action Services and Food Bank:
  • Served 27,946 individuals and 9,518 families.
  • 28,770 families and seniors received emergency food and were connected to other services to help them stabilize.
  • Collected and distributed 1.5 million pounds of perishable foods donated from local grocers and big box stores and another 1.8 million pounds of food donated through community food drives.
  • Provided food to 20+ other community groups and weekly delivery of food packages to senior centers and the low-income senior housing complexes.
  • Worked with 572 families in 2010 to help them avoid foreclosure through foreclosure prevention counseling. Of those families, only 21 homes were foreclosed on.
  • Provided transportation, clothing, car repair, and other employment support services for 295 households. Many of these had lost their employment due to the recession.
  • Provided financial assistance for 273 families and therefore kept them in their homes.
  • Provided utility assistance and energy conservation education to 5,100 households.
Client Statistics:
  • 80% of the families served were at or below the poverty level.
  • 50% were families with children.
  • 43% were children.
  • 33% were Hispanic.
Family Connection Center
Family Connection Center
Serving Davis & Morgan Counties

1360 East 1450 South
Clearfield, UT 84015

Mission: The Family Connection Center purpose is to protect children, strengthen and shelter families and individuals, foster self-sufficiency, and facilitate a caring community.

Services Provided

Parent Education Mobile Food
Transitional Housing Motel Voucher
Crisis/Respite Nursery DI Voucher
Therapy Sub 4 Santa
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Case Management
Food Bank Emergency Assistance

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 6.0%
CSBG Allocation: $134,069
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $281,532

In 2010 Family Connection Center:
  • Served 9,665 individuals and 3,482 families.
  • 76 families received Case Management Services and 37 obtained employment.
  • 510 families (1,374 children) were provided Christmas assistance.
  • 252 monthly emergency food supplies were delivered to the St. Marks Garden Senior Community.
  • 71 families were provided rent/mortgage assistance to maintain their housing.
  • 20 families were provided utility assistance.
  • 31 families received 217 emergency shelter nights.
Client Statistics:
  • Of the families served, 89% were at or below the poverty level.
Five County Association of Governments
Serving Beaver, Iron, Washington, Garfield & Kane

1070 West 1600 South, Bldg. B
St. George, UT 84770

Mission: The Five County Association of Governments purpose is to Plan, Prepare and Partner with federal, state and local governments to strengthen the role of southwestern Utah local officials in the execution of state and federal programs at the local level.

Services Provided

Emergency Food and Shelter Literacy and ESL Training
Young Parent's Program Transportation Support
Human Services Planning Regional Human Services Directory
Support Services Case Management HEAT Program
Senior Programs Weatherization
Health and Wellness Youth/Social Academic Development
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 13.5%
CSBG Allocation: $286,174
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $331,543

In 2010 Five County AOG:
  • Served 11,517 individuals and 5,188 families.
  • 2,779 customers received case management through the emergency food pantries, emergency shelters, adult and alternative high schools.
  • 20 completed the employment readiness course; 18 were placed and 15 completed the 50-hour internship.
  • 103 clients participated in the internship program at 26 different job sites.
  • Scholarships were provided to 75 adult students to continue their education.
Client Statistics:
  • Of the families served, 82% were at or below the poverty level.
Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership
Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership
Serving Weber County

3159 Grant Avenue
Ogden, UT 84401

Mission: Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership (OWCAP) inspires those in poverty to become self-sufficient through innovative services and collaborative efforts.

Services Provided

Adult Education Assistance Technical Education
Employment Assistance Emergency Services
Community Information and Referral Free Tax Preparation
Early Childhood Development and Health Services Asset Management Counseling
Program Design and Management Systems Head Start
Health and Wellness Family and Community Partnerships
Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Senior and Disability Housing
Youth Programs

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 12.5%
CSBG Allocation: $293,923
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $390,531

In 2010 Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership:
  • Served 1,666 individuals and 818 families.
  • 2009 households were assisted through OWCAP's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance fund, claiming tax refunds that brought $3,901,618 back to Weber County.
  • Served over 2,000 individuals through the emergency food pantry.
  • Served 2,500 low-income individuals a month from the local community accessed services and programs at the Marshall White Community and Recreation Center.
Client Statistics:
  • Of the families served, 86% were at or below the poverty level.
Salt Lake Community Action Program
Salt Lake Community Action Program
Serving Salt Lake & Tooele Counties

764 South 200 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Mission: Salt Lake Community Action Program's mission is to eliminate the paradox of poverty in our affluent society.

Services Provided

Housing Outreach Rental Program Housing/Financial Counseling
Emergency Rental/Mortgage Assistance Landlord/Tenant Mediation
HIV/AIDS Emergency Housing Head Start
Weatherization HEAT Program
Neighborhood Centers Employment Services
Advocacy Community Partnerships
After School Programs Emergency Food Pantries

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 9%
CSBG Allocation: $1,117,399
CSBG ARRA Allocation: 1,178,746

In 2010 Salt Lake Community Action Program:
  • Served 125,222 individuals and 34,607 families.
  • Provided 64,000 food orders to 103,000 individuals.
  • 1,064 households were assisted with online applications for food, financial, and medical applications with the Department of Workforce Services. 435 of these applications were verified as being approved, bringing food and financial benefits over $103,000 in monthly benefits. 933 clients were referred to ongoing health care services; 100 of these clients received immediate care for acute medical needs.
  • 210 clients found employment due to their participation in the Employment Readiness Program.
  • Housing and Financial counseling provided 1300 households with comprehensive housing counseling in delinquencies, default, foreclosure, reverse equity mortgage for senior citizens, and pre-Home purchases.
  • Helped stabilize 433 families in housing through the "Homelessness Prevention Rapid Re-Housing Program." This program was 89% effective in preventing homelessness.
  • Helped 18 people obtain PCN health coverage.
  • SLCAP worked with Palmer Court Homeless Housing Center and The Road Home to create a summer program for local teenagers struggling with homelessness and poverty. 21 teenagers participated in the program.
Client Statistics:
  • 89% of the families served were at or below the poverty level.
  • 54% of the families served in 2010 were in severe poverty
  • 65% of the households served had 3 or more household members. 32% of these households had five or more members.
Six County Association of Governments
Six County Association of Governments
Serving Juab, Millard, Sanpete, Sevier, Piute & Wayne Counties

250 N. Main Street
Richfield, UT 84701

Mission: Through its programs and partnerships, the Community Assistance Department, will promote self-sufficiency and well being through empowering those in poverty by alleviating immediate challenges and by addressing underlying causes through community action and advocacy.

Services Provided

Social Services Block Grant Energy Conservation Education Program
FEMA Emergency Food and Shelter HEAT Program
Community Services Block Grant

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 14.8%
CSBG Allocation: $157,171
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $156,157

In 2010 Six County Association of Governments:
  • Served 2,323 individuals.
  • Helped 45 families and 12 individuals avoid eviction and stay in their homes.
  • Provided 39 families and 90 individuals with funds to repair their cars so that they could continue to get to work. 11 families and 37 individuals received fuel for their car, a minor repair on their home, or assistance keeping their utilities on so they could sustain themselves.
  • Supplied 1,700 clients with information and referrals in 2010, helping them get the services they need from various community agencies and programs.
  • Helped 20 individuals pay for ongoing schooling that would not have continued due to limited or no income. 19 of the 20 students completed programs or graduated from college.
  • Helped 17 families maintain housing by providing them up to 3 months of rental assistance.
  • Provided 1 to 3 nights of shelter for 76 homeless families.
Client Statistics:
  • 90% of the families served were at or below the poverty level.
  • 38% of the people served were homeless.
  • 18% were disabled.
  • 52% of households served had no income.
  • 34% of individuals served were under 18.
  • 18% of households served were headed by single parents.
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Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments
Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments
Serving Carbon, Emery, Grand & San Juan Counties

75 East 400 South
P.O. Box 1106
Price, UT 84501

Mission: Southeastern Utah Association of Governments (SEULAG) focuses on moving low-income individuals and families out of poverty through strengthening human service programs with support of the whole community.

Services Provided

Housing Rehabilitation Human Services
Weatherization Food Banks
Emergency Assistance Home Heating Bill Assistance
Area Agency on Aging Program Volunteer Income Tax Assistance

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 17.6%
CSBG Allocation: $165,382
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $243,861

In 2010 Southeastern Utah Association of Governments:
  • Served 2,113 individuals and 919 families.
  • In 2010, the food banks helped feed 1,735 families and seniors with emergency food and distributed 16,234 boxes of food.
  • 133 low-income senior citizens received in-home and congregate meals through SEUALG in 2010.
  • 38 clients received emergency dental work through the SEUALG dental program.
  • Through its Second Chance Program, SEUALG helped four recovered drug abusers get counseling and other services and assisted them in finding stable employment.
  • Eight families were able to obtain or retain housing in 2010 because they received rental or deposit assistance from SEUALG.
  • Eight families were provided shelter, education and resources to victims in crisis and of violence.
Client Statistics:
  • 87% of the families served were at or below the poverty level.
  • 22% served are single parent families.
  • 83% served are not Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin.
  • 69% served rent and do not own their own home.
Uintah Basin Association of Governments
Uintah Basin Association of Governments
Serving Daggett, Duchesne and Uintah Counties

330 East 100 South
Roosevelt, UT 84066

Mission: The Uintah Basin Food Pantries will provide needed food for those who would otherwise go without. To eliminate hunger in Daggett, Duchesne and Uintah Counties.

Services Provided

Rental Assistance Homelessness: Motel Assistance
Mortgage Assistance Food Pantry
Medical and Dental Assistance Fuel/Transportation Assistance
Weatherization HEAT
Self-Help Housing Foster Grandparents
RSVP Aging

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 9.1%
CSBG Allocation: $62,783
CSBG ARRA Allocation: $115,562

In 2010 Uintah Basin Association of Governments:
  • Served 5,061 individuals and 2,165 families.
  • Helped 174 individuals and 70 families avoid or get out of homelessness by providing referrals and funding to local shelters and motels for short-term housing to help them get back on their feet; or by providing rent and utility assistance to families to help them avoid homelessness.
  • 52 single adults participated in financial courses for clients seeking Homeless Prevention services.
Client Statistics:
  • Of the families served, 95% were at or below the poverty level.
  • Served 2 families and 9 individuals in the domestic violence program.
Utahns Against Hunger
Utahns Against Hunger
Serving the State of Utah

455 East 400 South, Suite 407
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

Mission: Creating political and public will to end hunger in Utah.

Services Provided

Public Policy and Advocacy for Federal Nutrition Assistance Programs Grow-A-Row
Food Stamps at Farmers Markets Salt Lake City Food Policy Task Force
Social Soup Lecture Series Salt Lake Farm Projects
Nutrition Projects

Poverty Rate for Service Area: 11.5%

In 2010 Utahns Against Hunger:
  • Secured funding to assist 6 farmers markets to accept Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)/food stamps.
  • Distributed over 10,000 "Need Food Help" resource brochures to community partners throughout the state.
  • Distributed 70,000 summer food fliers throughout the state.
  • Assisted over 300 individuals in locating Summer Food sites in their community.
  • Assisted 1,200 clients in finding community resources and informed them about federal nutrition programs.
  • Worked with Wasatch Community Gardens and Youth City to educate 90 youths through the Nutrition Project.
  • Helped educate 540 individuals through the co-sponsored Social Soup Lecture Series on issues of food and how it intersects with our lives and the policy, environmental, and social implications of food and food policy.
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